Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?

practicing generosity

Gifting a Meal

Much of today's society is designed through the lens of financial capital, but is our world richer for it?

Cotfoo's "Gifting a Meal" is a step towards practicing generosity inspired by the spirit of service that drives the beautiful work of many organizations and great individuals who selflessly give to others.

As a Cotfoo host or visiting chef you have the option to offer a meal selflessly once in a while or on regular basis as a gift in alternative form of currency such as act of kindness. You will be requesting your guest to perform an act of kindness for the gift meal you are offering to them. This act of generosity leads us to inner transformation slowly and together we can make our universe more lovable. This selfless act of kindness by you will inspire many others to do the same. To know more about Gift Meal Challenge Click here

With this spirit Cotfoo aims to create a shift from consumption to contribution, transaction to trust and focus on small acts with great love that create positive ripples in the world. This is a value and trust based reputation system we are trying to build in the community by connecting thru food. Check out some examples of act of kindness below. 

Please watch Nipun Mehta's TED Talk  - Click Here. Find more about service space here:


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