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Our Vision

जैसा खाए अन्न वैसा होवे मन । Nutritious, soulful and healthy food prepared with love is in the foundation of our emotional, spiritual and physical growth. We want to feel connected to the food, where it comes from and who’s making it.  For centuries across cultures, food has always played the most important role of bringing people together.

Cotfoo is enabling many such passionate secret chefs and natural farmers to share their gift locally and globally while connecting people and building a strong and trusted community for homemade meals and natural wholesome food. We envision to connect to people who are trying to lead a sustainable and natural life style so they inspire many more people.

Cotfoo's endeavour is to celebrate authentic chefs and natural farmers and revive our ancient values of healthy and sustainable living using 3 R’s.



“Resources are gifts. They must be gratefully received and passed on to the next generation."

At Cotfoo we aspire to revive - The wisdom and treasure of our farmers and the warmth of our grandmother’s cooking and nourishment from natural wholesome food using natural elements such as sun, water, wind and soil


“Strangers are actually friends, waiting to be discovered”

Distrust has distanced us from each other. Sharing a meal and connecting to the farmer who grows our food, is an intimate experience. Let us revive this relationships by bringing back the age old traditions of breaking bread with strangers and getting our food directly from the source.


“A good reputation is the most valuable asset you can have”

Trust is the currency of new economy and reputation will be at its core. We are trying to build a reputation system that can travel with you, so that you can be recognized and rewarded for the values you uphold, not just on our platform, but all across the world.

Our Values

Food is a such a fundamental part of our life. Our core practices for building a connected and value based community are 

Gratitude, Trust, Passion, Quality, Purity and Authenticity

to unlock Social Capital 

Our Team

Archana parsai gehlot

CEO & Co-Founder
“Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible”
Archana parsai gehlot

IIT Bombay alumni and ex senior product strategist at Oracle USA is passionate about self learning and optimization. Her minimalist and natural life style is in the foundation of Cotfoo.…

Maitreyee Gehlot

Co-Founder & Chef de Cuisine
"There is no sincerer love than the love of food" - George Bernard Shaw
Maitreyee Gehlot

Maitreyee is passionate cook/food enthusiast and can spend hours cooking and enjoy every bit. Cotfoo's idea struck her realizing that many secret chefs need a platform to showcase…

Dr Vipin Gupta

Wellness adviser & Mentor
Co-Founder at Sehatvan and Inventi
Dr Vipin Gupta

Dr Vipin Gupta is a drug discovery scientist. He spent over two decades developing new medicines for various pharma companies in India, Europe and America. He co-founded a research…

Madhur Anand

Wellness Mentor
Co-founder, Sehatvan
Madhur Anand

Sehatvan helps people to work on their health and chronic diseases through 'forest therapy'.
Through health, he connects people to natural world. He is passionate about…

Manish Gehlot

Adviser and CTO
Adviser and CTO
Manish Gehlot

Learner and Mentor, IT professional and IIT Bombay alumni. I am a technologist and expert Solution Architect in Retail domain for past 24 years in USA and have worked with big IT…

Amit Pamnani

Culinary Advisor
Mentor & Culinary Adviser
Amit Pamnani

Chef Amit Pamnani, Consultant, Writer and a Culinary Expert. He has a varied and rich experience of over 20 years in India and abroad, specialises in Italian, Continental and European…

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