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Cotfoo is an online platform to connect passionate cooks and food lovers thru authentic, natural and healthy homemade food. Cotfoo enables like minded people to meet with each other and enjoy authentic homemade food while having meaningful conversations at our host’s home. Our family is growing fast and includes hosts, visiting chefs and Cotfoo team members. Cotfoo believes in Chef Gusteau’s philosophy “ anyone can cook” so anyone who loves food and is cautious about emotional and physical well being can apply to become a host or visiting chef. Cotfoo team is always looking for talented people who have a passion for food and sustainable living, love making new friends and have a drive to make the world a better place. Our strong belief in self learning and life skills encourages us to provide opportunities to anyone without formal academic qualification. So feel free to bring your learning enthusiasm and apply for any position which fits your personality.

If you are interested in joining our team please email your CV to [email protected] or fill the following application form.

                                             Open Positions


Community manager

At Cotfoo, personal connection between us and our hosts are very important. Since our core team can’t be present everywhere, we are looking for community managers in different cities who will be the bridge between our hosts/visiting chefs and Cotfoo headquarters. These managers will combine their hustle and networking skills to make things happen and think creatively and on their feet to spot opportunities and solve problems whenever they arise. Above all, they will be aligned with the values we practice at Cotfoo and be excited about being a part of a family that truly wants to change the way people eat and connect.

Job Responsibilities

- Finding hosts/visiting chefs and guests in their city, and extending Cotfoo through word of mouth, gatherings and events.
- Host/Visiting Chef Onboarding.
- Developing relationships by organising monthly gatherings with hosts and visiting chefs.
- Market research on other similar ventures in the city.
- Solving any problems that local hosts/visiting chefs would have.
- Local Marketing.
- Account Management.
- Promoting Cotfoo values of homemade food, sustainable living and connections.
- Finding local super-chefs such as Dadi’s and Nani’s and documenting new and unique recipes.
- Content/Blog writing.
- Finding local opportunities with corporate offices and schools (lunch pooling).
- Finding opportunities in nearby cities.


- Fluent in the local language.
- Comfortable developing relationships with people from all backgrounds.
- Passion for food, sustainable living and meeting new people.
- A strong network of like-minded people that love food, travel and meeting new people.
- Alignment with the Cotfoo values of sustainable living, meaningful connections and multiple forms of wealth.



Drupal 8 developer

Requirements, Skills, Qualifications:

Must have 3+ years Drupal programming experience.

- Good experience in Drupal 7 and 8 implementation.

- Good knowledge of custom modules.

- Good understanding of MYSQL and relational databases.

- Good Git version control knowledge.

- Good Composer knowledge.

- Should be well versed with implementation and configuration of most commonly used modules.

- Must have PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML and CSS experience

- Should have a good understanding of OOPs concept and latest features.

- Should have understanding of Design Patterns like singleton, factory etc.

- Good understanding of web technologies

- Good understanding of front end development HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery skills.

- Contribution in open source community.

- Good with writing custom SQL.

- Drupal API experience.

- Should be able to code as per Drupal standard coding.

- Experience with CSS Frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap.

- Experience in Drupal 8 of 2+ years.



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