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Mustard Oil - Wooden Cold Pressed | 1 lit

Cold Pressed Oil
Delivery and Pickup
Chambal Mustard Seed
Silicon City, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

About this product

Our low-consumption edible oils are extracted using cold-pressed methods, which conserves the natural greasiness of oil. As a result, you need to use less oil while cooking your favourite dishes! Our cold-pressed oils, on the other hand, are wholesomely prepared. Thus they are rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals & natural antioxidants. They actively work to improve your body's blood cholesterol profile!

  • Gautam Khandelwal
    11 Aug 2019

    Very good product got it delivered to Jaipur. Now i know where my food is coming from. Many products in the market claiming cold pressed but you never know where it is coming from. But now i know i was shared even the visuals of how this oil was produced. Thank you cotfoo trust worthy.

  • sangeeta agrawal
    11 Aug 2019

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