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Litchi honey (340 gram) | 340 gm

Natural Honey
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Litchi honey : Sourced from litchi orchards at foothills of Himalaya, Uttrakhand and Bihar. Mellow sweet fruity flavour is indigenous in nature " No additional flavor is added. " BENEFITS: Natural antibiotic, antioxidant, improves appetite and digestion, reduces fatigue and many more. Litchi Honey is sourced from the bees that feed on the blossoms of Litchi flowers, harvested in June. It is light coloured, mono-floral honey with a delicate taste and a taste slightly similar to roses.It is minimally processed, to preserve the true flavor of this honey. Bees make honey by travelling from flower to flower gathering nectar. All you have to do is an open honey bottle and enjoy the double goodness of taste and health benefit in one spoon. Features: Rich source of antioxidants. Distinct flavor. Rich in vitamins and minerals. Nature’s natural antibiotic. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Free from additives. Health Benefits of Litchi Honey : Aids weight loss: A little honey and some lukewarm water in the morning is all you need to burn that extra fat. Moreover, it is also good for your immunity. Cures a cough and cold: It has a depressant that inhibits a cough and cold. Have 2 spoons before going to bed or at the first instance of a cough. It is very helpful especially in cases of children. Cures infections of skin and scalp: Helps in a healing of itchy skin and scaling. It also moisturizes the skin and helps fight aging. Good for your blood: Regular consumption of honey increases Red blood cell counts. It also cures iron deficiency and therefore is helpful in the treatment of anemia. Recommended for sports person: It is a great source of lost lasting energy required for any sports or strenuous. It prevents fatigue or feebleness and maintains energy levels. It maintains the glycogen levels and speeds recovery. How to consume: Litchi Honey is a great addition to your buttered toast or light tea. It can be added to coffee or other beverages. You can even have it with pancakes, cookies, and cakes. You can have it with cereals for breakfast. You can have it with oatmeal. You can have it with a bowl of fruits, salads or soup. Tip: Mix honey with warm water and consume a glass every morning. Ingredient: Litchi Honey. Alternative wellness: It is free from artificial sweeteners or additives. Rs.210/- for 340gms + courier charges. Pls. DM to order. Contact us: Deepak Baghel 9004550950 Mielo India Official facebook page Deepak Baghel

  • Devendra Sharma
    30 May 2019

    Bahut badiya

  • Cotfoo User
    23 Mar 2019

    It was really tasty and to be honest "Honey" doesn't forms sugar at the bottom of jar in winter's like the one of other's.

  • Manisha sachdeva
    15 Oct 2018

    Very good in taste it gives a mild taste of litchi as no artificial flavor is added it is thick and the most important thing is its totally natural. I will buy again

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