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Cotfoo's Food Basket | 10 kg

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Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Amazing Natural Products At Amazing price This is a Go Green,  Go Natural and  Go Healthy  project and we need support from all the friends in Indore-  Cotfoo- connecting thru Food is Our efforts to benefit and appreciate our local natural farmers. We have created a sample bag of 15 naturally grown food products from trusted farmers from Indore area.  We are trying to bust the myth that organic food is very expensive and not affordable by common people.  These products are very reasonable priced by farmers and only 15-20% more than regular pesticide grown produce and almost 40-50% less than organic products available from market/online-stores or other local organic providers in Indore .  Idea is that if you like the items in the bag , we will avail these items at very affordable rates for your monthly/yearly needs. Details of the items included in the bag २ kg बँसी गेहूँ आटा १/२ kg basmati rice १/२ kg विष्णुभोग rice १/२ kg each- तुवर दाल, चना दाल , मूँग दाल , खड़ा मूँग , खड़ा चना  १ lt मूँगफली लकड़ी घानी तेल १kg each - गुड़, खाँड़, नमक मसाले- हल्दी,, मिर्च , राई  - १०० gms each , धनिया पाउडर - २०० gms  एक १५ kg की कपड़े की थैली में :)) 50₹ delivery charges delivery in 3 to 5 days. 100₹ for one day delivery. This Price is for next 100 customers only. Delivery will start in the first week of Feburary. MAX 3 BEGS ONLY LIMIT PER CUSTOMER 

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